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Our grimoire is our blog. It represents our universe where you will find in-depth articles and recipes.

The articles: A dive each time into the fascinating world of spices from all its angles (historical, botanical, sometimes chemical and of course culinary). Each article is written entirely by Max.

Recipes: Recipes from our chefs, those from our local partner Recettes & Cabas, from our blogger friends, and simply from our friends!

There are two main varieties of cinnamon used around the world: Cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon (or real cinnamon). The first comes from China while the second from Sri Lanka. Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum or verum) and cassia cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) are botanically different although both belong to the same Lauraceae family. Both come from a tree: Chinese cinnamon for one and Ceylon cinnamon for the other. Cassia cinnamon or Chinese cinnamon Cassia cinnamon represents the majority of cinnamon produced (almost 90% of world production) and is...
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Ceylon Cinnamon Chicken Fillets

Posted on 29/06/17 by  Max Daumin     Recipes
Chicken fillets with Ceylon Cinnamon: a surprising and tasty combination!
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Spicy or hot?

Posted on 27/06/17 by  Max Daumin     Articles by Max Daumin
When entertaining guests, if you have cooked an exotic dish or at least with spices, it is quite common for people to ask you if it is spicy. In some restaurants, the strength of the spiciness is sometimes indicated by a scale representing peppers with the words: “not spicy”, “spicy”, “very spicy”. If we take some reference definitions, Larousse tells us that the term “spicy” is “To add spices, to condiment a dish, a dish. » ...
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The aromatic richness of our spices

Posted on 19/06/17 by  Max Daumin     Articles by Max Daumin
The aromatic richness of our spice pods is the result of a succession of controlled steps. This chain of steps is our backbone, it is the very essence of our company, giving us the guarantee of bringing you the original and intact flavors of the spice. We deliver the ingredients to make the magic of spices work: Pure origin: We first carry out our search for producers, focusing mainly on production areas recognized for their quality of spices. We visit these producers and...
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It is with great pleasure that we present to you Didier Goiffon, chef of the gourmet restaurant, La Marelle in Peronnas (Ain) recognized by 3 Gault et Millau toques and 1 Michelin star. A great lover of spices, our pods echoed Didier Goiffon. He admirably highlighted them both for the flavors brought to the dishes and for the delicate sprinkling of the dishes for a colorful final touch! Spring rolls with coriander and oyster sauce, turmeric salmon and ginger...
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The story of our pods

Posted on 03/06/17 by  Max Daumin     Articles by Max Daumin
Max has always appreciated nature, plants and how they can be used in cooking. Naturally curious, he is always looking for the best flavors, perfumes and aromas. Having inherited the passion for spices from his mother, born in Madagascar, Max decided to put into practice a maternal practice: always use a freshly ground spice to benefit from all the aromas of each spice.
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Welcome to the Max Daumin spice website!

Posted on 24/05/17 by  Max Daumin     Articles by Max Daumin
It is with great pleasure that our site opens today. It is the world of Max Daumin spices. You will find our spices in pods, information on each product as well as a blog with articles on the world of spices. This blog will contain all the Max Daumin recipes, the recipes of our chefs...
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