Yupanqui white pepper
Yupanqui white pepper
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Yupanqui white pepper
Yupanqui white pepper

Yupanqui white pepper



Yupanqui white pepper is an exceptional pepper that cannot leave you indifferent. A powerful pepper (like black pepper) but with musky, frank animal notes. It is a pepper with character that knows how to express itself. Remarkable.

The Yupanqui Pepper is above all the pepper of a large family of Inca farmers. The Yupanqui have been cultivating an exceptional pepper for 30 years in the Manabi region of Ecuador. A Max Daumin exclusivity on the European continent

  • Net weight : 55g
  • Usage : Fish, Seafood, Cheese, Meat, Vegetables, Soups.
  • Conditionnement : Resealable kraft bag


Plant & perfume

Pepper (piper nigrum) is a major spice, the most important in production in the world. The pepper plant is a climbing vine that can reach ten meters in height. The pepper then comes in the form of a hanging cluster, formed of twenty to thirty grains tightly packed around the stem.

This Amazonian pepper, grown in Ecuador is a unique pepper, nothing can compare it. Yupanqui white pepper is the pepper that is picked when fully ripe. (When the grains are red). It is then scalded and left to macerate. This maceration step will both cause it to lose its skin naturally and promote its full-bodied expression. We can say that white pepper is a matured pepper.

It initially has musky and aniseed notes in the mouth, then develops notes of nuts, wet earth, wood.

Yupanqui white pepper Max Daumin - History
Yupanqui white pepper Max Daumin - Benefits


Cooking and Virtue

Yupanqui white pepper should be used as the final spice. It will punctuate your dish or your plate. It will go just as well with meat, fish and the plant world (vegetables, salads, legumes). In order to dispose of all its essence, it must be ground at the last moment. It also works great with chocolate and coffee. On meat, seafood, fish it's a delight!


A long journey

In 1899 Peru was the first country to accept Japanese immigration. Some Japanese emigrants brought for their personal need some pepper plants. This cultivation was only carried out in their gardens for personal use.

It was in the Ucayali river basin in Peru, about fifty years ago that our producer's grandfather received some pepper plants from a Japanese emigrant.

After years of harassment by the guerrillas, it was only at the end of the 1990s that the family found a unique terroir in the equatorial forest in order to finally express all their ancestral know-how as farmers. This gives today an exceptional pepper grown by the Yupanqui family from Cuzco (Peru)

For the record Yupanqui is the name of several Inca emperors meaning "Priceless" or "the one who shines"

Yupanqui white pepper Max Daumin - Origins