Espelette pepper Ezpeletako Biperra
Espelette pepper Ezpeletako Biperra
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Espelette pepper Ezpeletako Biperra
Espelette pepper Ezpeletako Biperra

Espelette pepper Ezpeletako Biperra


Martine is our producer, she plants and harvests your Espelette pepper on her family land. Its production is a farm production and totally manual and is located in Itxassou in the Basque country. She does not mechanize her production in order to protect her land.

Fruity, with notes of raisins, a nice Espelette pepper for this only French PDO spice. This powdered Espelette pepper will fully meet your expectations

Our Espelette pepper powder is contained in a glass jar and can only be contained in this format, corresponding to the strict specifications of the PDO Espelette pepper.

Origin: Urtxinaxia, Itxassou, Basque Country

  • Net weight : 40g


Plant & perfume

The Espelette pepper is native to Central America, like all peppers. (https://maxdaumin .com/le-grimoire/51-le-long-voyage-du-piment ) It was mainly through the Ottoman Empire that the pepper spread in Europe in the 17th and 18th th century. It also arrived from Spain to spread to the Basque country but curiously did not spread to the kingdom of France. We now have evidence of the use of Espelette pepper around the Basque village of Espelette from 1650.

It was used to replace pepper, which at the time was an overpriced spice ( shaped-the-world) It was the Basque women who started this culture. They used peppers both to season their cooking and to preserve meats and charcuterie. In order to have them all year round, they threaded the peppers along ropes which they hung against a sunny wall of the farm. After a few weeks, the chilli was crushed, reduced to a powder that was used throughout the year.

The Espelette pepper is conical in shape, entirely red and its size varies between 7cm and 14cm. It is then sold either fresh, whole dry, or in powder form.

Espelette pepper Ezpeletako Biperra Max Daumin - History
Espelette pepper Ezpeletako Biperra Max Daumin - Benefits


Cooking and Virtue

Espelette pepper powder can easily replace pepper. Its strength is 4 on the Scoville scale, which makes it slightly hot for a pepper.

The powder of Espelette peppers will go perfectly in your preparations: cakes, quiches, omelettes, muffins, sauces, vinaigrettes, marinades and in your stews. It works very well added as a final addition in soups, salads, meats, fish and seafood.

Finally, it also goes well with fruits, desserts and especially with chocolate: chocolate fondant, chocolate mousse or the famous soft chocolate, raspberry and Espelette pepper from Pierre Hermé or simply a Basque cake.


A long journey

As early as 1983, the Basque producers of Piment d'Espelette came together in a cooperative for an initial application for an AOC, but the project was not followed. In November 1993, the Syndicate officially asked the INAO to support it in its efforts to set up an AOC. Then follows the constitution of the Appellation application file in which must be provided proof of the use of the name and the notoriety of the product, as well as its link to the terroir. In April 1997, the INAO recognized the principle of the AOC “Piment d’Espelette” or Piment d’Espelette – “Ezpeletako Biperra” in Basque. It is from this date that the specific terroir of Espelette pepper, the specifications for its production, its transformation and the organization of the Appellation were defined: control methods, approval procedure and product traceability system. Subsequently, sensory analysis work was carried out to set up Espelette pepper tastings, the “final stage” of the approval procedure to confirm or not the typicality of the products. In 1999, the INAO officially recognized the Appellation d’Origine Controlée “Piment d’Espelette”. Since June 1, 2000, date of publication of the Official Journal of the Decree relating to the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée AOC "Piment d'Espelette" or "Piment d'Espelette - Ezpeletako Biperra", the denomination is protected for whole fresh peppers. , in rope and powder, combining respect for consumers and recognition of the women and men who produce it. The AOC was reinforced in 2002 by a Protected Designation of Origin (AOP), an official sign of European quality

Espelette pepper Ezpeletako Biperra Max Daumin - Origins