Spices Grill & Plancha
Spices Grill & Plancha
Spices Grill & Plancha
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Spices Grill & Plancha
Spices Grill & Plancha
Spices Grill & Plancha

Spices Grill & Plancha



Azure blue, our Grill & Plancha will go perfectly with the summer atmosphere of your grills and planchas. This blend of 9 noble spices will bring you smoky, woody, lemony and floral notes.

The smoky flavors of this blend are carefully preserved in the carton, ready to express themselves!

  • Net weight : 18g
  • Usage : Either in marinade, or as a spice at the end of cooking with your barbecue, grill or plancha.
  • Composition : Smoked Paprika, Onion, Pepper, Cumin, Thyme, Coriander, Voatsiperifery Pepper, Cardamom
  • Dimensions :
  • Recyclable box and cartons : Sorting paper / cardboard


Plant & perfume

Our Grill & Plancha is composed of 9 noble spices. A combination of two peppers (a mature black pepper from Madagascar with a touch of wild Voatsiperifery pepper) coupled with a smoked Paprika with Protected Designation of Origin from Hungary to create a woody and smoky base. Thyme, Cumin, Onion, a hint of Coriander will bring herbaceous, lemony and slightly oriental notes. Finally, a very slight note of Cardamom from its cradle of origin, the Western Ghats of Kerala, to sublimate this composition.

Spices Grill & Plancha Max Daumin - History
Spices Grill & Plancha Max Daumin - Benefits


Cooking and Virtue

Our Grill & Plancha will gladly accompany your vegetables and will go well with red and white meats grilled on the barbecue

Be careful the heat of the fire of your barbecue or grill can distort the flavors of the spices. Prefer a preparation as a marinade before grilling or simply as a dusting when the meat is just waiting to be served!

We wish you a great summer!

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