3,000 years ago, the Chinese cultivated this seed. Crushed and mixed with vinegar, it is used to season dishes. The Egyptians followed the example, it was then introduced into Gaul by the Romans. The name mustard comes from the Latin mustum ardens, which means "burning must". It is at the beginning of the 13th century that we find the first mentions of mustard. "This condiment is prepared with crushed mustard seeds, added with herbs and diluted with must" (Gautier de Coinci, Benedictine monk born in 1177).

All our spices are directly selected from producers and imported by ourselves.
Our idea: to be as close as possible to the plant and the producer to offer you the best.
Manufacture of our packaging in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and milling carried out in Ain.
Recyclable boxes and cartons. Sorting paper/cardboard