Whole nutmeg
Whole nutmeg
Whole nutmeg
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Whole nutmeg
Whole nutmeg
Whole nutmeg

Whole nutmeg


Warm and spicy, our nutmeg will bring you all the aromatic power of the best nutmegs from Sri Lanka. It is a fragile spice whose fragrances eventually disappear once ground. Here you have the whole nut.

The marriage is successful with vanilla but also with cinnamon.

  • Net weight : 60g
  • Conditionnement : Resealable kraft bag


Plant & perfume

The nutmeg tree is about fifteen meters tall, bright green at the top, gray green at the base. This tropical tree gives rise to small fragrant yellow flowers gathered in clusters. It will then give yellow fruits somewhat resembling peaches. Inside these are two treasures: fresh purple mace, and nutmeg (Myristica fragrans). Mace is the shell of the nutmeg.

Nutmeg is a warm, round spice that delivers resinous scents with musky, slightly acrid flavors.

Whole nutmeg Max Daumin - History
Whole nutmeg Max Daumin - Benefits


Cooking and Virtue

Nutmeg is used with vegetables, soups and of course gratin dauphinois, béchamel or cauliflower. The silkier Mace can also be used with fruit. Nuts and mace are also widely used in different spice blends. Used on sautéed onions, nutmeg reduces acidity and makes them sweet.

It facilitates difficult digestions and stimulates the appetite. It is said to prevent seasickness.


A long journey

Nutmeg, like clove, comes to us from the Moluccas archipelago in Indonesia: from the Banda Islands to be exact. The island of Run would be the original cradle. Today its production is concentrated in Guatemala, India, Sri Lanka and of course Indonesia.

The origin of our nutmeg is the region of Kothamangalam, a city located in Kerala in southwestern India. This is Gheevargeese our producer. Like our walnut trees, we pick the walnuts when they are ripe. They are dried in the sun for a few days. The mace is then separated from the shell, and the nuts stripped of their shells to be then

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