The berlingot, a unique taste

This berlingot, made in France, guarantees full preservation of the original flavors of the spice for a total release of flavors and aromas in your dishes. A ground spice in a classic jar goes flat and ends up losing all its flavors. That does not make sense.

With the berlingot, you have a spice as if you had just ground it at the moment.

For the taste quite simply: An independent sensory analysis demonstrates the taste superiority thanks to the berlingot compared to conventional packaging (glass jar, tin)

- for olfactory perceptions: + 56% at 2 months, + 72% at 6 months

- for taste perceptions: + 44% at 2 months, + 59% at 6 months

We are proud to communicate to our producers that their spice will be magnified.

Easy to use for tasty dishes

The spice carton allows for single, easy use. With a volume equivalent to a teaspoon, it flavors your dishes, according to your taste, for a recipe for 4 to 6 people. Its use is very simple: follow the pre-cut, open the carton and sprinkle!

Découvrir nos épices


Location: The berlingot is made in Isère, also printed in Isère. Our box is made in Nantua in Ain. This packaging is entirely produced locally and we claim it.

Transport: Our packaging therefore travels little. In addition, a box of spices from Max Daumin weighs approximately 40g gross weight. A glass jar approximately 150g gross weight. We reduce the transported weight by 2/3. We only seal parcel shipments very lightly with kraft paper; our boxes and cartons are not fragile. No need for bubble wrap or polystyrene cushioning. Our logistics is located 50m from our head office.

Overpackaging or waste of spice? : This overpackaging, i.e. the 10 cartons in a box, represents 2/3 of an 80g A4 sheet. That's all.

It allows you to fully preserve your spices without them deteriorating. Spices are imported products mainly from the tropics having on average 10 to 15,000km of transport, it is a shame to overdose or even waste such a product, having remained in our cupboards for too long.

Our choice was obvious, we prefer to add 2/3 packaging of an 80g A4 sheet to preserve the extraordinary flavors of these spices rather than offering a product that stale and is wasted.