1. Use of cookies on maxdaumin.com

Like most commercial sites, MaxDaumin.com uses cookies. They allow online purchases to be made, the optimization of the website and its personalization according to the user. This page describes why cookies are used and how they work.

2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files sent by a website and stored in the Internet user's browser. They make it possible to temporarily save information concerning visits and visitors to the site. Thus, each time the Internet user visits the same site, the data from his previous visit is retrieved. Cookies do not generate or transmit viruses. Some cookies are essential for using the site, others make it possible to optimize and personalize the content displayed. Cookies make it possible to optimize the use of the site by:

- Showing navigation settings relevant to the user.
- Resolving bugs or allowing rapid retrieval of useful information.
- Improving the user experience when browsing maxdaumin.com

3. Changing settings.

To modify your cookie settings, you can inform yourself according to your browser:

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