Crystal salts

Crystal salts

Discover our range of world salts.

Rock salt: Rock salts come from the rock, salt that is extracted on the continent directly from the ground or in mines. They are pure salts because they were formed hundreds of millions of years ago.

Sea Salt: Sea salts come from the sea by evaporation in salt marshes, harvested in carnations (harvesting ponds). These are natural products harvested by the ocean, the sun and the sea.

Salt Blend: We imagine and produce compositions flavored with Fleur de Sel or Guérande Salt with our spices.

All our spices are directly selected from producers and imported by ourselves.
Our idea: to be as close as possible to the plant and the producer to offer you the best.
Manufacture of our packaging in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and milling carried out in Ain.
Recyclable boxes and cartons. Sorting paper/cardboard