Treetop pepper
Treetop pepper
Treetop pepper
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Treetop pepper
Treetop pepper
Treetop pepper

Treetop pepper



Summit pepper or peak berries is a delicate, subtle and rare pepper combining the spiciness of pepper with the flavors of tangerine and notes of leather. It is a wild pepper picked in the mountains in northwest Vietnam in the Lai Châu region.

The berlingot allows you to have the grind of this pepper ready to be used and to offer you these incredible aromas.

  • Net weight : 22g
  • Usage : Game, Sauce stock, Sauce, Fish, Desserts, Vegetables.
  • Dimensions :
  • Recyclable box and cartons : Sorting paper / cardboard


Plant & perfume

This rare, fine and delicious pepper has a spiciness similar to that of Sichuan pepper but much less powerful. Its very particular sensory characteristic with a taste of mandarin that comes just after the small spicy notes.

Summit pepper (Zanthoxylum rhetsa) is a shrub tree 3 to 5 m high that will give berries that strangely resemble tiny citrus fruits. These berries once dried open in small lobes revealing the seed. These mandarin fragrances are due to a very simple reason: the genus of Zanthoxylum belongs to the large family of Rutaceaes. And Rutaceae are simply the citrus family!

Treetop pepper Max Daumin - History
Treetop pepper Max Daumin - Benefits


Cooking and Virtue

It works great when used to season green vegetables as well as in any dish that calls for an exotic citrus edge.

In more detail it is made for fish, crustaceans, shellfish. Its citrus notes will perfectly enhance seafood. It easily enhances a fruit salad and will find its place on white meat. It enhances sauces, meat stocks, soups and stews very well.

For a little more daring, try it with chocolate in sweet recipes.


A long journey

With the development of peppers over the past twenty years, the appearance of Sichuan Pepper (used in China) in Europe has encouraged interest in berries belonging to the genus Zanthoxylum such as Sancho or Timur. p>

Pepper from the Peaks is a rare pepper, not very available, hand-picked by the local population of the mountains of North-West Vietnam in the Lai Châu region.

Treetop pepper Max Daumin - Origins