Who is Max ?

Max has always appreciated nature, plants and the use that we can make of them in terms of gastronomy! Naturally curious, he is constantly ready to explore new flavors, scents and aromas.

Having inherited the passion for spices from his mother, born in Madagascar, Max decided to reproduce her use of it: always use a freshly ground spice for an explosion of flavors.

How to enhance spices?

Unfortunately all the delicious aromas of spices fade and degrade quickly once ground. How to capture and preserve these magical scents?

Entrepreneur and inventor by nature, Max imagines a machine for grinding spices, which with a simple press of a finger would produce a powder exuding all the original aromas of the spice. This fun and slightly crazy idea for a spice machine is seriously running through Max's head. But how to create this very complex machine?

The magic of spices

Until the day when another idea came to him, as if obvious: why not store freshly ground spices in small cartons to preserve their delicious scents from light, air and humidity?

Would the cartons make it possible to restore the original flavors of the freshly ground spice? And shouldn’t these cartons contain the right dose for the use of each spice? Would this make it easier to use?

The idea was there. After 2 years of research and development, the berlingots were born.

This is the story of the magic of spices, for stars in your eyes and flavors in your taste buds!

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