We select our saffron directly from Karima, a producer in the Herat region, Afghanistan. This saffron is category 1 (extra), analyzed and certified as pure saffron by the ISO3632 standard with the following rates:

crocin: 284 (color) / picrocrocin 108 (flavor) / safranal 43 (fragrance)

We only offer the stigma stripped of its style (yellow part), concentrating all the power of saffron. What is called saffron neguine.

All our spices are directly selected from producers and imported by ourselves.
Our idea: to be as close as possible to the plant and the producer to offer you the best.
Manufacture of our packaging in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and milling carried out in Ain.
Recyclable boxes and cartons. Sorting paper/cardboard