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Max Daumin spices are the constant search for exceptional spices and peppers directly from producers. It’s about being as close as possible to the harvest in order to offer the best taste qualities of our spices and peppers. Our vintage peppers are organic or wild.

Our spices and peppers are then processed at our company. A single objective for our professional partners: to provide them with unparalleled taste.

Spices, Peppers, Salts, Vanillas, Saffron:

- Professionals in the gourmet world, would you like to resell our products?
- Chefs, manufacturers, artisans or industrialists, do you want to have spices in bulk format?
- Would you like to place a group order for products from our site? (for members of a company, an association, etc.) For more than ten people, discover our conditions.

We also supply in bulk (500g, 1kg, 10kg, 100kg, etc.).

Berlingots and custom packaging:

- Do you want to order only cartons in bulk?
- Do you want to have cartons with your brand?
- Do you want to package a particular spice, mixture or herb in a carton?

We carry out custom packaging. Submit your project to us, we will carry it out turnkey.

Contact us by email contact@maxdaumin.com or directly by telephone on +33 970 960 046

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