How to use saffron?
How to use saffron?
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Saffron is often a spice that is not used correctly. Indeed, it is common to hear that saffron brings little flavour, that its potency is relatively weak. (Saffron, like vanilla, is an infusion spice, and should be used as such. The few pistils added at the end of cooking will only have an aesthetic effect, not a taste.

Infusing saffron

Saffron is a spice that should be infused.

It should not be used in any other way, otherwise it will have little taste. Steep saffron in lukewarm water for at least 2 hours to release all its fragrance and aroma. If you have more time, it's better to infuse for up to 24 hours, to develop all the saffron's fragrances. Time is saffron's ally.

Then use the infusion for cooking. Never use saffron in boiling water or in a simmering dish. Heat above 70° tends to break down the aromatic compounds in your saffron (especially Safranal, the organic chemical responsible for its fragrance, which boils at 70°).

However, you can infuse your saffron directly into a simmering dish: turn off the heat, wait until the dish is lukewarm, then add the pistils. Leave to infuse, then reheat to serving temperature.

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