Vincent Durant, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, craftsman of our sublime spiced cocoas
Vincent Durant, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, craftsman of our sublime spiced cocoas
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trained in pastry and bakery, Vincent has an already very rich course. He worked in the large gourmet restaurant of Georges Blanc in Vonnas. Eager to learn and discover new cultures, he left for England and then in Dublin and became a pastry chef in a large hotel in the city. Vincent returns to France to become the youngest professor of the Japanese school Toussii in Liergues at 24. For 12 years Vincent took pleasure in training the elite of Japanese chefs who came to seek French technique and know -how in pastry and chocolate factory. In parallel Vincent is passionate about chocolate and continues to refine and enrich his techniques. Passionate about sculptures, he works day and night for 3 years to imagine, create and master the art of chocolate at your fingertips.

It is his hard work that will allow him to win the famous sesame in 2018, the very coveted title of "Best Ouvrier de France Chocolat-Confiter". That day, he gives life to an impressive chocolate sculpture of an 18th century Bressane woman. A real goldsmith's work that allowed him to distinguish himself.

Since 2020, Vincent has returned to his 2 passions.

passion to teach students in the prestigious Paul Bocuse institute in Lyon.

passion to create and innovate by launching the House Vincent Durant and its precious chocolates. “Bijoux chocolates” inspired by sublime Bressans enamels.

by launching the house "Vincent Durant" in 2020, Vincent and his wife Céline advocate a modern chocolate factory, but also inseparable from his original terroir: Ain.

Passionate about the history of his Vincent region draws his inspiration and creates in 2018 precious chocolates, "jewelry chocolates" with design directly inspired by sublime 18th century Bressans enamels and very local ingredients (including the famous AOP Bresse butter).

Vincent selects local ingredients, cultivated in the heart of the Dombes (milk and butter, spices and peppers or even sunflower seeds) and favors organic. Exceptional ingredients, from a land he knows and that he loves is also that, the signature "Vincent Durant"

Vincent is a young, brilliant, daring man and with an exceptional journey but he is also a man who remains simple, accessible and generous. And that may also be why we love our chocolates even more!

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or 2017-2018 silver 2020-2021 bronze 2019 | National grocery trophy

Artisan producer of the Culinary College of France 2022

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