But why didn't we put and protect the Espelette pepper in a berlingot?
But why didn't we put and protect the Espelette pepper in a berlingot?
Posted by      05/23/2022     Articles by Max Daumin

It is with pleasure that we offer you a nice pepper of Aop Espelette from Itxassou (Basque Country). Unlike all our ground spices, it is offered in the form of a 40g glass jar. Several times we had this question: "Why didn't you put it in berlingot so that it could be protected? »

The reason lies in its PDO (protected designation of origin). Indeed this spice is subject to strict specifications guaranteeing both the taste qualities of this pepper and its origin.

First, the peppers must be produced, transformed and conditioned by the operators identified, authorized (in other words the producers) and controlled within the geographic area made up of the 10 municipalities located in the department of the Atlantic Pyrenees (of which of which Itxassou is a part)

Second, the powder packaging for a consumer unit (the one found in store) must be exclusively a glass jar (40g, 45g or 50g). One cannot find a real Espelette pepper in a conditioning other than that aforementioned. Finally the stamp stuck on the lid, the European AOP logo will certify your Espelette pepper.

To all useful purposes: https://www.pimentdespelette.com/espace-documentation/ 

For these two reasons, it was not possible for us to condition the Espelette pepper in Berlingots. Preciously keep your glass jar out of light, humidity so that it can deliver all its aromas!

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